Orange Alert System Test Scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 19

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) will conduct a test of the Orange Alert Campus Crisis Alert Notification System on Thursday, Nov. 19, at 10:55 a.m. It will be a full test of the system, which includes notifications sent via email, text message and voice call. The test will also include the Orange Alert outdoor siren system on the University’s North and South campuses.

As a further refinement of the system, the Orange Alert test message will also be sent to the main Syracuse University and DPS Facebook and Twitter accounts, and will display on the University’s homepage and video monitors located in common areas in several buildings around campus.

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Message from the Comptroller Regarding Paper Paychecks

All paper paychecks dated Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020, and continuing until further notice will be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service. Employees who have not signed up for direct deposit and receive a paper paycheck should ensure their permanent address is accurate by visiting MySlice and navigating to My Profile > Addresses.

As a reminder, anyone with a NetID and password are able to set up direct deposit through MySlice. The Payroll Office’s website provides step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in the direct deposit option.

Please contact payroll at 315.443.4042, option 2, with any questions.

Flu Vaccine and COVID-19 Testing Opportunities Continue Throughout October for Students, Faculty and Staff

Opportunities for the campus community to receive a flu vaccine and/or COVID-19 testing continue weekdays throughout the month of October as part of the University’s ongoing effort to keep our campus safe, healthy and open for residential learning.

As outlined in the Syracuse University SAFE public health framework [PDF], all members of the Syracuse University community who access campus services are expected to get a flu shot this year. Additionally, a permanent COVID-19 testing site opened earlier this month at the stadium and is available to students, faculty and staff Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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The Importance of Sustainability in The 315

Whether it’s a Presidential debate, from the lips of a local reporter, or the national news, conversations about the future of our planet are constantly taking place. And no matter where you land on the politics surrounding climate change, there is no denying the need for education on the matter.

This week on The 315, Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss sit down with Meg Lowe, Sustainability Coordinator in the Energy Systems and Sustainability Management Department at Syracuse University.  The three of them chat about sustainability at Syracuse University, opportunities for education, and some upcoming events.

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Newly Installed Solar Panels on Schine Student Center Roof to Begin Producing Clean Energy

Campus sustainability encompasses a broad range of actions and choices—some of which are subtle, while others are eye-catching. The renovation of the Schine Student Center has meant the addition of another attention-grabbing clean energy element: new solar panels on the building’s roof, the latest demonstration of the University’s commitment to sustainability.

The photovoltaic (PV) panels, installed this past summer, will begin generating clean energy for the campus community on Oct. 15. The new panels were installed in support of the renewable energy credit for LEED certification at the National Veterans Resource Center at the Daniel and Gayle D’Aniello Building.

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University Completes Steam Station Review, Enters Partnership with Enwave Energy

Syracuse University today announced a long-term alliance with Enwave Energy to operate the University Steam Station. The partnership will support ongoing campus growth with reliable and sustainable energy.

The University first announced the review of its steam operations in 2018, as part of the Division of Business, Finance and Administrative Services’ (BFAS) strategic planning process, which sought to align University resources and assets with its vision and mission. After a comprehensive evaluation, the University decided to transfer operation of the Steam Station.

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Purchasing Office Institutes Change to Streamline Invoice Processing

In an effort to streamline the procurement and payment process at the University, the Purchasing Office is instituting changes to the way the department handles payment of invoices.

Department business managers should now send invoices directly to the Disbursements Office instead of the Purchasing Office for remittance. Invoices should be signed to confirm receipt of all goods and then sent to or 640 Skytop Office Building, Suite 120.

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October Is Campus Sustainability Month

As­­­ autumn rolls in and temperatures begin to cool off, Sustainability Management has several events and activities planned throughout Campus Sustainability Month, some of which are already underway.

On Oct. 1, Sustainability Coordinator Meg Lowe, teamed up with Director of Engagement Programs Syeisha Byrd to offer a virtual cooking class, which used ingredients from the food pantry and Pete’s Giving Garden to create a simple, yet delicious Taco Bowl. The pair is hosting two more virtual Pantry Cookin’ classes on Oct. 22 and on Nov. 12. Sign up on Pete’s Giving Garden website to claim a spot today.

Additionally, the honey from the honeybee hives on South Campus was harvested on Oct. 3 by Associate Professor of Public Health Lisa Olson-Gugerty, a Campus as a Lab for Sustainability grant recipient. She harvested 15 gallons of honey, all of which will be jarred, but will be missing a label as Sustainability Management is hosting a competition for students to design the label for the honey jars. Members of the Syracuse University Bee Campus USA Committee will pick the top five, and then the campus community will vote for the winning design. Learn more about the honey label competition by visiting the Bee Campus USA website on the Sustainability page. Once the winning design is decided, the honey jars will be labeled and placed in the bookstore and café stores on campus for sale.

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Syracuse University Completes First Phase of Multi-Year, Multimillion-Dollar Stadium Project

The first phase of Syracuse University’s multi-year, $118 million stadium project, unveiled in 2018, was completed this week. This marks a new era for Syracuse University, the Department of Athletics and the many students, faculty, staff and community members who have come to consider “the Loud House” the home of their sports world. Today’s announcement also represents a major milestone for the Campus Framework, a 20-year roadmap designed to align the University’s vision and mission with its physical space and infrastructure.

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New Stadium Experience

Someday, fans of Syracuse University sports, music concerts and monster trucks alike will return to a place they’ve been before and will experience something different. Something they’ve never felt when going to a local event in the loud house. Something they typically felt right at the front door. Something missing.

“It’s the rush of air,” says Pete Sala, vice president and chief campus facilities officer overseeing the replacement of the Teflon bubble. The Stadium’s roof is no longer air supported, meaning the structure no longer requires air pressurization. The familiar whoosh of air when one enters the building is now a thing of the past. “One of the things we’ve never done here is to open both big overhead doors at once,” says Sala, referring to the past need to avoid letting too much air out of the building at once.

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