Dome Organization

Peter Sala, Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer

Direct Reports:
Debbie Skeele – Director CFAS Admin, Budget, and Finance
Kevin VanDerzee – Associate Director Facilities and Operations
Tom Forgione – Dome Director

Debbie Skeele, Director CFAS Admin, Budget, and Finance

Dotted Line:
Andy Frazo – CFO Dome Operations

Tom Forgione, Dome Director

Direct Reports:
Andy Frazo – CFO Dome Operations
Julie Hughes – Office Coordinator IV (Accounts Payable, Receivable, Human Resources)
Tom Benzel – Associate Director

Dotted Line Reports:
Morey Mossovitz – Associate Athletic Director
Auxiliary Services Concession Catering Merchandise

Andy Frazo, CFO Dome Operations

Direct Report:
Robin Orefice – Office Assistant III

Robin Orefice, Office Assistant III

Dotted Line Report:
Lori Lashombe – Ticket Operations Business Manager

Tom Benzel, Associate Director

Direct Reports:
Mark Potter – Director of Ticket Operations
Jackie Ontano – Communications Manager
Mark Barbuto – Events Manager
Lauren Davis – Events Manager
David Beickert – Audio Systems Specialist
John DeFrancisco – Building Systems Specialist
Bob Knapp – Operation Trades: Electrician
Ricky Bumpus – Operation Trades: Maintenance
Brandon  Thibado – Operation Trades: Roof Specialist
Bill Anastas – Operation Trades: Janitor
David Merriman – Stadium Control (Access Assistant)
John Lassic – Stadium Control (Access Assistant)
Brian Desocio – Stadium Control (Access Assistant)
Mark Weatherup – Stadium Control (Access Assistant)
Lawrence James (temp) – Stadium Control (Access Assistant)
J.D. Thomas (temp) – Stadium Control (Access Assistant)
ABM Janitorial (Subcontractor)

Mark Potter, Director of Ticket Operations

Direct Reports:
Keri DeSantis – Full-Time Ticket Operations Staff
Kristen Schroeder – Full-Time Ticket Operations Staff
Amanda Hassett – Full-Time Ticket Operations Staff
Becca Hebert – Full-Time Ticket Operations Staff
Part-Time Box Office Staff
Part-Time Ticket Sellers
Lori Lashombe – Ticket Operations Business Manager
Peter Irvine – Ticket Systems Manager

Mark Barbuto, Events Manager

Direct Reports:
Gail Chadick – Office Assistant III
Events Staff—Security, Ushers, Ticket Takers, Medical

Lauren Davis, Events Manager

Direct Reports:
Justin Stach – Production Assistant
Bill Goudy – Production Assistant
Carson Hicks – Production Assistant
Day Production Staff
Changeover Crew

John DeFrancisco, Building Systems Specialist

Direct Reports:
Event Operators—Scoreboard, Announcer, Ribbon Boards, Replay, Camera Crew