Campus Planning, Design, and Construction

The Office of Campus Planning, Design, and Construction (CPDC) manages the space programming, planning, design, preparation of construction and contract documents, and construction administration for the major maintenance, alterations, and new construction for all University facilities and building systems. The office is also responsible for the Capital Project Planning process, the Capital Projects Fund, and liaison with governmental and land development agencies.

Maps and Road Closures
On occasion, construction/maintenance projects may impact vehicle and pedestrian traffic across campus. Keep informed with up-to-date road and parking closures as well as alternate route information.

Facility Study Request
Campus Planning, Design and Construction is Syracuse University’s facility advising, design and management team. To work with us on any facility planning, improvement or alteration project, regardless of size or complexity, please submit a study request and simply fill in a brief project description. If you are requesting a renovation to a laboratory space, in addition to your facility study request please complete a Laboratory Planning Questionnaire.

Installation of Physical Barriers Related to Campus Reopening
Proper use of masks or other face coverings and social distancing are your first lines of defense against COVID-19. Departments should use administrative controls, such as changes to work practices, policies or procedures, to keep faculty and staff and visitors/customers separated. When possible:

  • Encourage phone, email or online interactions where feasible instead of in-person interactions.
  • Limit the number of customers/visitors allowed to enter the reception or service area at any one time.
  • Limit the presence of non-essential visitors.
  • Develop self-service alternatives, where feasible.

The installation of plexiglass or other physical barriers is primarily recommended for retail and food service environments. In some instances, it may be approved for reception, intake and service areas where close face-to-face interactions are required.

If your department has a need for the installation of physical barriers or a reconfigured space, you can request a Facility Study. Requests will be evaluated based on several criteria related to campus reopening plans and will require leadership approval.

Please refrain from making any temporary or permanent modifications to your workspace that may physically alter or damage University-owned property or furniture. Any modifications to facilities or systems furniture requires a Facility Study.

Campus Art in Public Spaces (CAPS) Request
Please submit an Installation Proposal Form to the Campus Art in Public Spaces Committee to request the installation of public art on Campus.

Policies & Procedures
Tools and information on CPDC and Syracuse University’s guidelines for bidding, purchasing, sustainable design, and more.

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