Reporting Tools

MyReports is the University-provided web environment for retrieving data from the data warehouse.

What is a data warehouse?
The data warehouse concept evolved from the growing competitive need to quickly analyze business information. The existing institutional systems were not set up to optimize data retrieval and the process was difficult, tedious, and subject to a variety of errors. Existing operational systems cannot meet this need because:

  • Lack of historical data in some operational systems
  • Data required for analysis resides in different operational systems
  • Complexity of querying effective dated rows in PeopleSoft operational systems

A data warehouse eliminates these problems by storing the current and historical data from disparate operational systems that business decision makers need in a single, consolidated system. This makes data readily accessible to the people who need it without interrupting on-line operational workloads.

The MyReports link is located in the MySlice web portal. You must have the appropriate permissions to view and use the MyReports Link. Your information coordinator is the resource who can assist you in gaining the appropriate permissions to use the MyReports link. For more information on the data warehouse at SU, visit the Information Technology and Services Data Warehouse page.

The FAB data warehouse is refreshed Sunday through Friday night with transactions from the previous day.