Petty Cash

An employee may be reimbursed for the purchase of materials and supplies needed in conjunction with University business when a procurement card or ID cannot be used, provided such expenditures are receipted and approved by the dean, director, department chairperson, or sponsored project director.

  • The custodian is responsible for disbursing and replenishing the fund by receiving and submitting valid receipts for the payments made from the fund that have been approved by the individual authorized to do so for the department
  • Petty cash is to be used only for and on behalf of Syracuse University and may not be used for any other purpose including but not limited to personal purchases, loans, or other personal uses. Petty cash funds are to be used only for reimbursement and may not be advanced at any time.
  • Petty cash is not to be used for payment of services
  • Under no circumstances should the petty cash custodian use personal funds to replenish the petty cash fund