Update A Mycode Description Or Setup A New Mycode

The Mycode is a strictly optional field to be used for any special tracking needs the owner of the chartfield may have.


Anyone set up as a Budget Manager or anyone who has requested Mycode description update access to FAB can create or update Mycodes.

  1. Login to MySlice
  2. In the Financial Services pagelet select “MyCode Description”
  3. Each area has been assigned a range of Mycodes. You can update the description of any Mycode within the range or you can add additional Mycodes in that range.
    • To find an existing value
      • Click on search to see all Mycodes aleady setup within your range
      • Narrow your search by indicate all or part of the Mycode number
      • Select the appropriate Mycode by clicking on the Mycode number in the search results
      • Update the description(s) as needed
      • Click on Save
    • Add a New Value
      • Click on the tab for Add a New Value
      • Enter the 6-digit Mycode number you’d like to add
      • Click on Add
      • Enter the appropriate long and short description
      • Click on Save
      • The Mycode is available for use in FAB immediately. PLEASE NOTE: The Mycode may not be available for use in other systems until the next business day (Payroll, HR, Student Financials, Materials Distribution, CashNet, Telecom, etc.)