Travel Planning

Destination Health and Safety Planning

  • Safety Planning – University travelers are encouraged to consider the risks associated with travel to their intended destination. Both ISOS and various government entities provide information on travel risks for your review.  See the “Travel Resources” page for links to some information.  Anyone seeking advice on safe travel is encouraged to contact the Office of Global Safety and Support at or at 315.443.1968.
  • Healthy Travel – University travelers are strongly encouraged to investigate their health insurance coverage before traveling abroad. Differing policies provide often very divergent coverage abroad and with equally divergent out-of-pocket costs.  For those with Excellus coverage, information on medical providers abroad may be accessed at the Excellus Global Core website.  Policyholders are required to login to access the information.


  • International SOS provides destination research as well as support to members of the University community while traveling. Services may be accessed via their website.  Patrons are asked to provide a membership code which can be requested by emailing or calling 315.443.1968.

Pre-Travel Safety Orientation

  • The Office of Global Safety and Support offers customized pre-travel safety orientations for any University group or individual traveler. Receive general and location-specific travel advice to help your trip go smoothly.  Contact us at 315.443.2968 or at

University Services

  • Visa/Passport Service – The University has arranged for members of the community to receive a preferential rate and service when seeking a visa for international travel through CIBT Visa. Please note that disabled members of the community will receive concierge support at no extra charge.  Concierge support may be accessed by calling 866.247.7599.
  • Satellite Phones – Individual and group travelers contemplating travel to more remote locations may rent a satellite phone for their trip. Travelers are only charged for the minutes they use and charges must be reimbursed from a University department budget.  For additional information or to reserve a phone. Contact Global Safety and Support at 315.443.1968 or at
  • Travel Safety Consultation – Contact the Office of Global Safety and Support to consult about your travel plans. The office can help you identify risks particular to your destination and to develop a mitigation plan to heighten your travel safety.  The service is available to any University traveler.
  • Travel Site Assessment – For those developing international programs, the Office of Global Safety and Support offers a site assessment service. Our personnel will work with you to visit your planned program location and provide a risk analysis with a mitigation plan to support a safe and healthy academic experience.  Funded by the University, the service is available without charge to any University department as long as allocated funds last.
  • Travel Insurance – The University provides travel insurance for those traveling for work or educational purposes. Please review the details of the coverage. For questions, please contact Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance at 315.443.4011. International Travel Insurance coverage does NOT apply to a University affiliate traveling TO their home country. If, for example, your “true, fixed, and principal home” is in China then the policy will not provide coverage in China.

Regulations for Travelers

  • Travel Bans – At present, the US government bans US passport holders from visiting North Korea.
  • Travel Insurance Exceptions – University travel insurance does not support travel including support for emergency repatriation to the following locations: South Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Syria. Any member of the University community intending to travel to one of these locations is strongly urged to contact the Office of Global Safety and Support at 315.443.1968 or at University support for travelers to these locations will be seriously limited by local conditions.
  • Export Controls – University information on export controls can be found here.