Students can request a refund resulting from an over payment by submitting a request on MySlice. Refunds will be available by direct deposit or by mail. A copy of your ID may be requested if mailing to an address not on file with the University.

We encourage all students to sign up for direct deposit of their refunds. Direct deposit is a safe, secure way to receive your refund. It eliminates waiting for the mail, waiting in line to pick up your check, and it eliminates any issues with cashing your check. By enrolling in direct deposit, your refund is electronically transferred to your U.S. based checking or savings account. Choosing direct deposit gives you the most secure and convenient access to your funds. You can sign up on MySlice.

A refund normally takes 8-10 business days from the time a credit exists on your account or from the date you place the request. During peak refund periods, it may take 12-14 business days from the time the credit exists on your account.

There must be a credit on the account for us to process a refund. If your refund is created by a personal check over payment, the University reserves the right to hold the refund request from processing until the check has cleared. In typical cases, it will be two full weeks, but may be longer.

Refund and Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

All tuition refunds for withdrawing students are determined by Bursar Operations based on the date of the leave of absence, withdrawal, add/or drop using either our established policies or the federal regulations governing such matters, depending on which policy is to the student’s advantage.

The University may exercise the right of offset, meaning that a refund could be subject to adjustment if necessary to ensure University obligations are satisfied. Students may elect to have excess funds remain on their accounts, understanding that any interest earned on these funds will be retained by the University to be used in its general operation. Students may at any time cancel such a request and receive a refund of excess funds.

In the event that you take a leave of absence or withdraw from the University, your student account may be subject to pro-ration or removal of your financial aid for that term. If you receive a refund based on this funding, any subsequent financial aid adjustments resulting from a withdrawal or leave may result in a balance due on your bursar account, which will be due immediately upon your departure from the University. If you have any questions on this, we encourage you to contact our Financial Aid Office at 315-443-1513, or the Bursar’s Office at or 315-443-2444.