Strategic Priorities 2022-23

Select Projects in Support of the BFAS Strategic Plan

Signature strategies are realized through the delivery of projects that may be undertaken by a single BFAS unit or addressed cross-functionally by teams comprised of multiple BFAS units, and, where appropriate, constituents from across the University community. Projects are expected to be ambitious yet attainable and their achievement measurable. The BFAS Strategic Planning Steering Committee will continue with the charge of plan management include initiating, supporting, and monitoring plan achievement. Priority projects for the 2022-23 year include:

  1. Collaborate across units and with campus partners to plan and implement next phase of improvements to the JMA Wireless Dome.
    Project leads: Kris Klinger, Auxiliary Services and Pete Sala, Campus Facilities, Administration and Services
  2. Diversity and inclusion-related goals consistent with those of the University at large.
    Project leads: All BFAS business unit leaders
  3. Fully implement the working capital investment strategy.
    Project lead: Scott Kemp, Treasurer’s Office
  4. Provide an adequate level of annual funds and working capital to support the Academic Strategic Plan with Campus Framework strategic initiatives.
    Project leads: Cynthia Carnahan, Office of Budget and Planning, Jean Gallipeau, Comptroller’s Office, and Scott Kemp, Treasurer’s Office
  5. Align the new Academic Strategic Plan with the Campus Framework Refresh. Manage progress on all active capital projects, including the STEM Facilities Renewal.
    Project lead: Pete Sala, Campus Facilities, Administration and Services
    Updates on all capital projects available here
  6. In conjunction with campus partners, the Real Estate and Asset Management Office will stand up the enhancements to the Guaranteed Mortgage Program.
    Project lead: Kris Klinger, Auxiliary Services
  7. All units will strive to deliver on the established goals of the University’s Go Local program, specifically to buy, build, hire and live locally.
    Project leads: All BFAS business unit leaders