Relentlessly Pursue Business Excellence

Ambitious institutional goals require a foundation of excellence to support their achievement. Just as the Syracuse University brand is strong globally, BFAS aspires to enhance its own brand through divisional, unit, and individual excellence.

Signature Strategies

  1. Actively associate excellence with recruitment and hiring practices, with a commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workforce
  2. Advance unit-specific objective and targets that power the strategic plan and embody the spirit of continuous improvement
  3. Build and implement an external communication strategy that increases the awareness of divisional initiatives and encourages feedback from constituents, while ensuring that progress reports and achievements are given prominent visibility
  4. Continue to build the data, analytics, and capabilities tools within BFAS to enhance decision-making and improve division operations both internally and externally
  5. Develop new strategic partnerships with academic and administrative units across campus to identify opportunities for growth via expertise of BFAS employees