Promote Accountability and Organizational Effectiveness

BFAS will engage in an unceasing exercise of self-evaluation and actualization of improvement plans. The division will strategically invest in new technology to advance its own effectiveness and enhance the service experiences of campus stakeholders.

Signature Strategies

  1. Coin a divisional brand that signals mission, values, and vision to build institutional awareness of the family of BFAS service areas
  2. Effectively communicate to the campus community any changes to policies, the management process, organizational structure, and personnel
  3. Endeavor to move beyond paper-based processes and replace them with new systems that leverage technology for greater efficiency
  4. Establish and operate training programs for new and continuing employees that educate campus constituents about business and administrative processes
  5. Review the current state of University business processes, assess their impact on entrepreneurship within designated responsibility centers, and adjust as needed to ensure appropriate incentives to innovation and growth