Passionately Lead, Engage, and Develop Our Employees

Our employees are our greatest asset. Their talent, expertise, and technical knowledge have the potential to reach even greater heights. For the University to thrive, the stewards of its administration and operations must thrive as well. BFAS will demonstrate a renewed commitment to supporting and rewarding its people throughout the employment life cycle, from recruitment and onboarding through promotion and retirement. It will demonstrate clear career paths and reward exceptional talent to strengthen the foundation of the division.

Signature Strategies

  1. Craft more cross-functional training within the division to enhance employee development and establish a pool of talented employees who can fulfill targeted functions when needed
  2. Grow an internal communication strategy that supports division identity, collaboration, and reporting on progress toward shared goals
  3. Present new recruitment and retention practices to continue to attract and retain top talent at BFAS
  4. Reward employee achievement and exceptional talent by consistently recognizing high performance across units and sharing their successes within BFAS and beyond
  5. Target middle management for development opportunities to foster the next generation of divisional leaders and lay the framework for future success