Empower Progress Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

True excellence is only achieved through the consistent support of creativity. Syracuse University’s Academic Strategic Plan identifies innovation as one of the institution’s distinguishing strengths. The University has a long record of innovation in academic activity, launching the nation’s first school of fine arts and being recognized as a pioneer of student support in disability services. BFAS seeks to harness the innovative spirit emblematic of the University by demonstrating creativity and idea generation in its stewardship of the institution and its financial and administrative operations.

Signature Strategies

  1. Conduct an innovation-oriented internal process evaluation within all BFAS units, incentivizing employees’ ideas and creative thinking
  2. Engage with peer institution professional groups to enhance the sharing of innovations and best practices
  3. Introduce a program to train current and future BFAS unit leaders to encourage and support appropriate entrepreneurial risk-taking
  4. Leverage and harness the expertise of academic units to promote innovation in business, service, financial, and operational areas of BFAS
  5. Ripen a funding mechanism and infrastructure to serve as an idea incubator for the campus community. The incubator will create a pathway for soliciting, testing, and implementing novel ideas.