Create an Unparalleled Syracuse University Experience

BFAS operates as a service partner to academic departments and other campus units. As such, BFAS will implement a signature service experience that places a university stakeholder at the center of its daily operations. This service culture will be reflected in every interaction between a BFAS employee and a campus customer, whether faculty, staff, student, or visitor. BFAS will measure its own success by the extent to which it enhances the University environment and by the creation of the foundation upon which the University’s mission is achieved. BFAS aspires to establish a track record of best-in-class business and administrative services that lead its peers and redefine the quality of service provided to a campus community in the landscape of higher education.

Signature Strategies

  1. Build the infrastructure that supports great customer service
  2. Create an environment in which BFAS employees are empowered to make our diverse customers happy and a negative experience is addressed and corrected quickly
  3. Deepen understanding of constituent service needs and adapt processes to provide better support
  4. Enhance service support for consumers of the highest-used business processes to promote efficiency, accuracy, and timely completion
  5. Utilize BFAS resources to effectively support the objectives of the Academic Strategic Plan and the Campus Framework