Cover of the BFAS Strategic PlanThe Business, Finance and Administrative Services Division seeks to advance the Academic Strategic Plan, the Campus Framework, and the Invest Syracuse initiative. Key to this mission is a plan called The Orange Standard, containing five goals that will not only shape our division, but also create the energy and spark to address the University’s mandate. The plan is intentionally nimble and flexible, designed with the recognition that as Syracuse University evolves, so too will the strategies and initiatives supporting the University’s evolution and aspirations.

Each goal captures several signature strategies, which are not intended to be all-encompassing, but rather representative of the types of activities that will support each goal. There will be broad, enthusiastic stakeholder engagement in the generation and execution of the initiatives defined herein and those developed going forward.

The Orange Standard (PDF version) is the BFAS Division’s Strategic Plan that sets an ambitious vision. It defines the divison’s mission, vision, and values and details the division’s priorities, and identifies specific actions and plans to pursue and investments that must be made.

Mission Statement

To define the standards by which exemplary learner-centered business and administrative services are delivered at a premiere research institution.

Vision Statement

The Division of Business, Finance and Administrative Services powers the academic, research, and student experience at Syracuse University. We deliver best in class services to support all campus constituents in advancing an innovative learning environment.

BFAS Division Values


Demonstrate responsible stewardship of the University’s finances, infrastructure, and operations


Foster teamwork both within the division and with campus stakeholders via partnerships, communication, and a service orientation

Diversity and Inclusion

Promote an environment that supports, encourages, and empowers individuals from all backgrounds


Support innovation and responsible growth through nimble business functions and flexible infrastructure management


Act with honesty, sincerity, and adherence to ethical principles