Who We Are

At its core, the Division of Business, Finance and Administrative Services provides enterprise leadership across a family of functions:

Although these units undertake a broad array of activities, they share a common vision, mission and set of values and can leverage synergies to perform at the highest levels. The entrepreneurial spirit and continuous improvement of BFAS and its business units is essential to the success of Syracuse University. BFAS will ensure that the collective efforts of the division will empower and fuel the success of the institution as a whole, creating a signature Syracuse experience that is unparalleled in practice.

Confidential Hotline: EthicsPoint

Ethics PointEthicsPoint, Inc. provides members of the Syracuse University community a simple, risk-free, anonymous, and confidential way to report potential or suspected criminal activity on or near the Syracuse campus, or inappropriate, unethical, or fraudulent activity or behavior on the part of Syracuse faculty, staff, or volunteers. You can file a report on the EthicsPoint websites or by telephone through the EthicsPoint Call Center (866-384-4277). They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. EthicsPoint will walk you through a questionnaire where you will have the opportunity to fully and confidentially report your concerns. More information is available here.