Request for Payment of Professional Services by a Non-Employee

Form: Click here for the Request for Payment of Professional Services Rendered by Non-Employees Form

This is a pdf form that is used to request payment of fees or honoraria. Fees and honoraria are lump sum payments for professional services rendered by non-University professional personnel or consultants. Such payments are for temporary services rendered by an individual for a short-term period. The Internal Revenue Service requires that we have a completed W-9 form (for US Citizens and Permanent Residents) or a completed W-8BEN or 8233 form (for Non-Resident Aliens, click here to see the checklist on Comptroller’s website to determine which form should be used) on file prior to issuing payment for services. It must be completed and signed by the payee. Any travel expenses should be reimbursed on a travel voucher. Bonafide consulting firms should be engaged and paid through the Purchase Order/Accounts Payable system

Prior to engaging an individual to perform services for the University as an independent contractor, the Syracuse University Department Worksheet to Determine if an Individual should be Paid as a Non-Employee must be completed. This worksheet provides guidelines and directions for proper classification and payment of individuals.

For a Nonresident Alien to be paid as an Independent Contractor they must be present in the United States on a Visa that permits the individual to receive such payments. The Slutzker Center for International Services should be consulted to verify visa type and eligibility prior to arranging for services/payments of this nature. Please contact the Slutzker Center for International Services at 443-2457 to determine if the individual is allowed to perform services for Syracuse University.

Please reset the form after you have printed it Forms must be filled out, printed, signed and mailed to:
Compensation Administration Human Resources Skytop Office Building
Phone: 443-4042 Questions:

Request for Payment of Professional Services Rendered by a Non-Employee:

Please visit the IRS Website for the following forms:

  • W-9 Form
  • W-8BEN Form
  • 8233 Form