Purchase Requisition Form

Click here for the Materials Distribution System (MDOOS)

This is a Paper form that is used to request goods and services to be ordered by the Purchasing Office.

To order the form: Use Materials Distribution On-Line Ordering System. MDOOS is a shopping cart system similar to other web-based applications with which you may be familiar. The system features images of stock items, email notifications, the ability to order non-inventory items, and to view and print a complete price list.  Click here for more ordering information.

The Purchase Requisition is a pre-numbered form that must be filled out, signed, any paperwork attached and mailed or faxed to:
Purchasing Office – Skytop Office Building
Phone: 443-2281 Fax: 443-4932

Contact:  Purchasing Office at 443-2281

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Instructions for the Purchase Requisition Form