Physical Plant Requisition

NOTE: This form is the same form as the Purchase Requisition Form. At a time in the past they were two separate forms, but no longer.

This is a paper form that is used to authorize Physical Plant to provide a service not covered under the maintenance budget. This is a pre-numbered form and the requisition numbers are used by other departments to track Physical Plant charges on General Ledger and by Physical Plant to retrieve work order numbers from FAMIS.

Form must be filled out signed and mailed to: the zone where the requester’s building is located. If advance arrangements are made with Central, the request goes to Central. Request for skilled trades are sent directly to Central. Examples of Central requests would be work for lock/key, electronic, heavy equipment, glazier, renovations, plants/flowers and refinishing.

Perimeter Zone
ATTN: Brenda Fuller
621 Skytop Road
Phone: 443-5154 Fax: 443-5171

East Zone
ATTN: Laurie Poirier
005 Hinds Hall
Phone: 443-5174 Fax: 443-2248

West Zone
ATTN: Abby Parolin
132 Archbold Gym
Phone: 443-5129 Fax: 443-5149

North Zone
ATTN: Dora Peterson
037 Schine Student Center
Phone: 443-3179 Fax: 443-3305

Central Zone
ATTN: Maryann Evans
285 Ainsley Drive
Phone: 443-1234 Fax: 443-5739

For Physical Plant Requisition Form visit:

If access is needed to the system for ordering, please contact Cynthia Stetson.
–  Department Website

Please list the Department Name, address, building, requested by name, approved by name, telephone extension, account number to be charged for billed service and description of work to be done.