House Available for Sale

Form: Click here for the Homes for Sale by Owner Form

This is a form used by an SU faculty or staff member who wishes to sell his or her home in the Guaranteed Mortgage Program. The house will be listed on the University’s on-line informational real estate listing.

The property cannot be listed with a Realtor and must be for sale by owner. Only properties located in the East Neighborhood or Outer Comstock are accepted for this listing

Only single or two family homes or townhouses are accepted. The property will be maintained as an active listing for eight weeks unless sooner notified by the owner to remove it.

Form must be printed, filled out, signed, dated and mailed or faxed to:
Syracuse University Real Estate Office – Skytop Office Building Syracuse, NY 13244
Phone: (315)443-2104 Fax: (315)443-3200

Form Contact Person: Claudine O’Loughlin
Real Estate Department website