Energy Equipment Inventory Audit Sheet

Form: Click here for the Equipment Inventory Audit Sheet

This is form is required to be completed in order to have a piece of equipment entered into the FAMIS database. The information submitted is entered into FAMIS and reports and queries are generated. This process will help with equipment maintenance needs.

The Form must be filled out, printed, and mailed or faxed to:
Nathan Prior – Energy & Computing Mgmt – 621 Skytop Road
Phone: 443-2999 Fax: 443-1444

Form Contact Person: Nathan Prior
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EQUIP# Equipment's FAMIS#
NOMENCLATURE: Equipment Name
FIELD MARKING: Unit # marked on equipment
MFG NAME: name of manufacturer
MFG PART NO: manufacturers part number listed on equipment.
MODEL: model type of equipment
SERIAL NO: serial number on equipment
PARENT NO: Parent Equipment’s FAMIS #
EMS#: number assigned by EMS (using provided listings by EMS)
ZONE: zone location of equipment
BLDG: building location
FLOOR: floor location
ROOM: room number
DESCRIPTION: comments regarding equipment usage, status, location etc.
STATUS: in service, or out of service
KEYWORD: (using provided listings by FAMIS) equipment, type
SERVICE GUIDE: location of service guide
WARRANTY INFORMATION: length and type of warranty
EXPIRATION DATE: expiration date of warranty
IN-SERVICE DATE: date equipment put into service
TYPE: (using provided listings by FAMIS) equipment type
PROJECT#: project or job# funding equipment purchase
CONTRACTOR: contractor/vendor on project or job.
FAN: additional fan information
MOTOR: additional motor information