Employee Expense Reimbursement Request

Form: Click here for the Employee Expense Reimbursement Request

This is a Microsoft Office form that is used to request reimbursement for an employee’s of out of pocket expenses related to University business. This form is not to be used to request reimbursement of travel expenses. It may be used to reimburse local mileage.

Please note the comments on this form for ease of use. (NOTE: For reimbursement of travel expenses, refer to the appropriate Travel Voucher Reimbursement Request Form.)

The employee’s SUID number and signature are required on this form, as well as a valid business purpose for the expenditure. Print the form upon completion, obtain the required signatures, attached the necessary receipts and mail as indicated below.

For Projects (Sponsored Accounts) mail to:
Office of Sponsored Accounting– 110 Skytop Office Building
Phone: 443-2059 Fax: 443-2094 E-mail: Sponsored Accounting

For Restricted Accounts mail to:
Restricted Accounting – 124 Skytop Office Building
Phone: 443-5372 Fax: 443-2676 E-mail: Restricted Accounting

For all other accounts mail to:
Disbursements – 108 Skytop Office Building
Phone: 443-1853 Fax: 443-2094 E-mail: Disbursements

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