Departmental Financial Transaction Approval

Form: Click here for the Departmental Financial Transaction Approval

This is a Microsoft Office Excel file used to grant signature authority for accounts/departments for non-payroll financial documents. Any financial documents that require a signature are required to have this form on file with the Comptroller’s Office.

* * * INSTRUCTIONS: * * *

Do NOT double-click the file name below. That opens the spreadsheet in your browser. Instead, place your mouse cursor over the file name and then right-click your mouse. A window will pop up and one of the options (in Internet Explorer) is “Save target as”. Click that and then the spreadsheet will download to your computer. Once the download is complete, you may open it in Excel. This is important so that the file you email back to is properly formatted.

Email the completed form to: – Do not print and mail.

Form Contact Person: Melissa Collier, ext: 3765. or visit the Comptroller’s Website for more information.