Cash Operations Deposit Slip

Effective date: 7/1/2005 – present

Form: Click here for the Cash Operations Deposit Slip

Purpose : This is a Microsoft Excel File that is used to deposit funds into various General Ledger Accounts.

Form Contact Person:
Tina Kelly
Treasurer’s Office
Cash Operations

Procedures :

  • Count all paper money and strap.
    • All bills must face the same way.
    • Ones can be strapped in $25 or $50 straps.
    • Fives can be strapped in $100 or $250 straps.
    • Tens can be strapped in $500, $1,000 or $2,000 straps.
    • DO NOT strap more than one denomination in a single package.
  • Count all coin and roll $10 in quarters; $5 in dimes; $2 in nickels; and $.50 in pennies
  • Stamp all wrappers (coin and currency) with your department name and account number.
  • Enclose loose coins in an envelope and paper clip loose bills so that none will be lost.
  • Make an adding machine tape on all checks (including Money Orders and Traveler’s Checks).
    • Be sure that it’s evident on the tape that the calculator has been cleared prior to that run.
    • Paper clip tape on top of checks.
  • Make certain all staples are removed from checks.
  • Place account number and department name on the back of ALL checks.
  • All checks must be payable to Syracuse University .
    • If a check is not made payable to Syracuse University , please call Tina Kelly at X5519
  • If you require a receipt, check “Receipt Requested” box on the deposit ticket and enclose a self addressed return envelope.

Deposit tickets should be filled out as follows:
– Name of person preparing deposit
– Name of Department/Organization preparing the deposit
– Phone extension of person preparing the deposit
– Address of person preparing deposit
– Date of Deposit
– Check if you would like a receipt mailed to you (please provide self- addressed campus envelope with deposit)
– Indicate amount for each account if more than one account
– List the total of all paper money under bills
– List the total of all coin under coin
– List the total of all checks under checks
– List the total of all bank cards
– Add together and enter under total deposit
– Total number of checks in the deposit (excluding foreign checks)
– Total number of foreign checks in the deposit
– Write a short explanation of the deposit i.e. for credits back to expense accounts: income from seminar (use back of slip if necessary)

Form must be completed and submitted with funds to the Cash Operations Office at 125 Bowne Hall.