Guidelines for Travel Advances

A travel advance will be issued to employees in an amount up to the estimated out-of-pocket reimbursable expenses upon receipt of a properly executed travel voucher. To obtain a travel advance, a travel voucher must be completed, signed by both the traveler and by an individual authorized for the general ledger account being charged, and forwarded to Disbursements Processing. The travel voucher must be received at least two weeks prior to the scheduled departure from Syracuse. A travel advance will not be issued more than two weeks before an employee’s travel departure date. Within 60 days after the conclusion of a trip, the completed travel voucher including the detail of daily expenditures and receipts are required to be submitted to the Disbursements Processing Office for settlement of actual travel costs. If actual costs exceed the advance, the traveler will be issued payment via direct deposit or check for the difference. If the actual costs are less than the advance, the traveler will remit the difference, by check (no cash please), to the University along with the completed travel voucher.

A researcher who will be conducting research outside of the United States may request an advance of cash to support the research expenditures as well as the travel expenditures. To obtain this type of advance, an employee expense voucher must be submitted to Sponsored Accounting at least two weeks prior to the scheduled departure from Syracuse. Although the normal requirement is that all advances be substantiated within 60 days of the conclusion of the travel, for ongoing projects requiring extended periods of travel, Sponsored Accounting will work with you to arrange a mutually agreeable schedule for submitting receipts and worksheets during the course of the project.

Travel advance requests received for individuals having existing advances that are overdue (not settled within 60 days after the conclusion of a trip) will be denied. Repeated overdue settlement may also result in the denial of advances.

Travel Advance Form  –   This is a 4-part paper form to request a travel advance. Please order through e-procurement using vendor Dupli form #32001-001

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