Effort Reporting Training

Is training in effort reporting required, and if so, how will it be made available?

Yes, all department coordinators and sub-department coordinators are required to attend ERS training. In addition to training, all policies and procedures should be carefully reviewed to ensure compliance and accountability. Training is not mandatory for faculty and staff, although it’s strongly recommended that the home department provide some type of training or communication prior to their first online certification, as well as, stress the significance of certifying within a timely fashion (certification due date).

Department Coordinator/Sub-department Coordinator Training

All one-on-one training sessions should be scheduled via ershelp@syr.edu. It will familiarize department/sub-department coordinators with the federal regulations and Syracuse University policies and procedures that govern effort reporting and certification. It will also give department/sub-department coordinators a step-by-step overview of the ERS system, as well as instructions on how to successfully complete the certification process from start to finish.

  • Prior to ERS training, a fast request form [DOC] must be submitted by your information coordinator and approved for system access.
  • Upon the successful completion of training, the fast request form must be completed and submitted by your information coordinator for system access.

View department coordinator/sub-department coordinator training [PDF].

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ershelp@syr.edu.