1098-T Tax Information

The University will mail 2018 1098-T statements to all students that were eligible to receive one for the 2018 tax year by January 31st, 2019.

If you did not receive a form 1098-T but believe you were entitled to one, please log into MySlice. Once logged onto MySlice, you can access the statements by clicking the links in this path:

  • Finances
  • View Student Account
  • View 1098-T Tax information

Please Note: Due to the recent changes in this tax law and its overall complexity, we are providing this link to the IRS website. The IRS website is very informative and we encourage you to review the information carefully.

What will Syracuse University do to help me?

Syracuse University will be sending IRS Form 1098-T “Tuition Payment Statement” to you by January 31, 2019, along with an informational letter that will contain additional information about the current tax legislation.

In addition, we will provide a detailed statement of your past year’s transactions to help you determine what your eligibility for either of these tax credits may be. We are only reporting to the IRS your total allowable educational expense as determined per their guidelines, as well as University-administered scholarships and grants.

Please note that the above description is a general summary only, and does not include all of the applicable Internal Revenue Code requirements that should be considered.

If you have additional questions for the University regarding the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 please email stkelly@syr.edu to connect with University staff responsible for the 1098-T.